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Cinerary Urn

blown glass, cork, glazed white clay

23Ø x 29 cm

  • Client: Francione family
  • Role: Designer, Technician, Photography
  • Year: 2014

Francesca has told us about his father, a dynamic and active man with a parachutist history who never gots tired of looking at the sky and enjoy the freedom and nature. We have created for him a transparent freehand blown glass urn. The stopper that seals the urn is natural cork where we have joined a glass disk with name and dates of the deceased, handpainted with black grisaille. The cork and the boardname have been hiden under a holster in glazed white ceramic. From the stopper hangs a blue glass bead with a silver heart that reflect light from the inside of the bead. In this design the ashes are deposited at the bottom of the urn creating a landscape that represents the earth. The stopper becomes a decorative element in the form of a parachute that carries the pearl, symbol of the journey of the soul.