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40plumas was born as an artistic workshop.

In its constant research, this studio plays with its own materials to break the limits of its artistic knowledge. Experts in hot and cold artistic glass techniques, mix and compose new working methods that enable them to best express their own creativity. From this passion and dedication raises a dialogue with other artists: architects and designers can thus, satisfy the necessities of different and specific projects. Creativity, technique and experimentation can then work together with original results.


A noble and neat material. Eternally recyclable. It is multiple in its plasticity when heated and it mutates its shapes when cold. Its primitive but suggestive consistency is full of surprises for the sciences. Its own colorless transparency that protects without isolating, and its color transparency also paints the surroundings. The Glass is a thin silver sheet that reflects our images, like in a mirror. It is of a complex technique, like a watch which spells out, every act, every decision. It is a synchronic perfection in which, between minutes and degrees, one’s plays his own creativity.

  • Daniel: +34 66 330 48 87
  • Bianca: +34 66 639 05 92
  • Estudio: +34 93 514 28 12