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Glass stopper for wine barrels

Glass stopper for wine barrels

Blown glass and coldwork, gold 24k

10 cm X 7 cm  Ø

  • Client: private
  • Rol: Design, technicians, photography
  • Year: 2014

Eneko is producing its own wine, the classic mode and small and exquisite production. For this, he uses the features offered by wooden barrels. Only lacked a glass stopper that was traditionally used to protect the wine without “drowning”. This stopper had specific dimensions, weight and has to add furnish distinction to his cellar.

All solved by performing a piece of freehand blown glass , with an amount of air inside to level the weight and internal 24k gold decorative thread . The faceted lower end are a handmade game that the owner can show to visitors and enhance the unique work.

video process