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Glass well, a historical recovery for future

The Glass well project wants to be part of the Malatosca-Surroca initiative to keep alive the historical glass memory of this wonderful valley. We are interviewing witnesses, discovering emblematic places where the glass activity was carried out and we are recovering tools and glass material that will accompany us in the finding of formulas and work processes. Maintaining historical memory is not just documentation. It is also a living work that wants to unite past and present, tradition and innovation, proposing artistic glass workshops to the public in a current context, with a vision of energy efficiency through low-emission electric furnaces focused on optimized and responsible consumption.


From 1761, the coal mines in Ogassa were among the most important in Catalonia. Taking advantage of the heat power of coal, it was possible to build a glass furnace in the area called and remembered as “glass well”. It is still possible to find tools, pieces of glass and speak with the testimonies of the last time in which the well was still active. Contact us if you want to participate in the search!


Glass in antiquity

Experimental archeology course where we will learn how to make the first models of furnaces to melt glass that were used in the Bronze Age. We will use native materials and reproduce the construction of clay and straw kilns, fed with firewood, to create glass beads.


Introduction to glassblowing

Practical course where we will learn the basic principles of the art of glassblowing. We will learn to dominate the vitreous mass to create our own glass objects and containers.

Glass fusion for children

Space dedicated to the little ones and the color. We will use glass formats suitable for minors, such as glass sand, and we will create small works with which they will learn the beauty of craftsmanship working in groups to play and compose with light.

Km 0 tools

¿What resources do we have around us to work with glass? We will explore the area to find materials that can be used as tools or molds to work hot glass, learning to be aware of the wealth in our territory.

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