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  • bolas de cristal con plantas en el interior.

If I plant, I heal

Blown glass, plants

190 x 50 x 50 cm

  • Client: Oh!BCN 2012
  • Role: Design, Technicians, Photography
  • Year: 2012

During the visit to the greenhouse La Dolça Revolució we have met Pau Pàmias who explained the philosophy and objectives of the association.
We wanted to help it with our instruments to spread a vital message.
We proposed to Oh!BCN an art installation that aims to be a game where the audience can see, touch, smell, think, choose and act.
In this installation gets the meeting of plants and glass in a physical and conceptual relationship: a honest container that doesn’t take away or add anything for honest content that is not refined or added to it.

We have chosen a completely colorless glass to highlight the plants and clear as the message of the Dolça Revolució.
To create this installation we have used a blown and coldworked glass  spheres. Those contain water with sprouts and hung at different heights to fill a space.
The public is invited to walk through the installation and find the medicinal plant type that was assigned before start.
In the photos we present a sculpture inspired by the project during the exhibition in the Cocomat store at the event of Oh BCN 2012